Who still bumps early 2000's Horrorcore?

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Who still bumps early 2000's Horrorcore?

Post by SappyCorpse »

I found Horrorcore in the era of the early 2000's (the best era imo).

Your classic acts at the time were Scum, SicKtanicK (and all of SKR), Bloodshot and Con-Crete, Mars, Bob E Nite and IcePick Willie (Sycksyde was amazing), KGP (OG!), Q-Strange (many more).

Its insane to think that a good portion of these are still active today, which is like over 20 years in Horrorcore.

I'm still listening to the classic albums of this era as well as the new stuff and new horrorcore artists, but nothing will beat that beautiful era.

I wanna know who is still listening to that Classick shit!

Who are your top 5?

I got: Con-Crete, Bloodshot, Mars, Scum, KGP.
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Re: Who still bumps early 2000's Horrorcore?

Post by MNN_HC »

Still bump it weekly. Very hard to quantify a top 5, can give top 6 but in no order: Mars, Stitch Mouth, Q-Strange, L.U.Cipha, Majik Duce, Sycksyde

So many good acts from back in the day. Special shout out to Bedlam, STL Creep, B-Cide, Brain Trauma, and Scum.


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